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Most Popular Articles in International Negotiation

Most Downloaded Articles from International Negotiation in Recent Years  

Vol.16/no. 3

Culture and Negotiation 
Anne Marie Bülow; Rajesh Kumar 
Vol.16/no. 2 2011
Negotiation Process and Negotiation Context Larry Crump 
Vol.15/no. 1 
Overcoming the Nagorno-Karabakh Stalemate P. Terrence Hopmann; I. William Zartman 
Vol.16/no.12011Sudan: In a Procrustean Bed with Crisis 

Stephen W. Smith

Thoughts on the Conflict Management Field after 30 Years Chester A. Crocker 
Trying Again: Power-Sharing in Post-Civil War Lebanon M.C. Hudson 


Most Cited Articles from International Negotiation





 L Ringius

 Differentiation, leaders, and fairness: negotiating climate commitments in the European Community


 DG Pruitt

 Ripeness theory and the Oslo talks


 P Drahos

 When the weak bargain with the strong: negotiations in the World Trade Organization


HC Kelman

 Negotiation as interactive problem solving


 AT Wolf

 Indigenous approaches to water conflict negotiations and implications for international waters


 D Metcalfe


 Leadership in European Union negotiations: the Presidency of the Council


 C Jonsson, B Bjurulf, O Elgstrom…

 Negotiations in networks in the European Union


 LR Weingart, M Olekalns, PL Smith

 Quantitative coding of negotiation behavior


 A Kibaroglu, IHO Unver

 An institutional framework for facilitating cooperation in the Euphrates-Tigris river basin


 S Koeszegi, R Vetschera, G Kersten

 National cultural differences in the use and perception of internet-based NSS: does high or low context matter?


 A Nishat, IM Faisal

 An assessment of the institutional mechanisms for water negotiations in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna system


 A Lecours

 Paradiplomacy: reflections on the foreign policy and international relations of regions


 AP Elhance

 Hydropolitics: Grounds for despair, reasons for hope


 HC Kelman

 Some determinants of the Oslo breakthrough


 IW Zartman, D Druckman, L Jensen, DG Pruitt…

 Negotiation as a Search for Justice


 G Browder

 An analysis of the negotiations for the 1995 Mekong Agreement


 C Albin

 Can NGOs Enhance the Effectiveness of International Negotiation?


 R Croson

 The method of experimental economics


 M Brochmann, PR Hensel

 Peaceful management of international river claims


 A De Moor, H Weigand

 Business negotiation support: theory and practice


 S Lantis

 Simulations and experiential learning in the international relations classroom


 BJ Broome

 Designing a collective approach to peace: Interactive design and problem-solving workshops with Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot communities in Cyprus


 C Dupont

 Negotiation as coalition building


 N Short

 The role of NGOs in the Ottawa process to ban landmines


 LE Susskind, BW Fuller, M Ferenz…

 Multi-stakeholder dialogue at the global scale