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Research contributions from the Center appear in many books. Click on the covers below.



International Negotiation: A Journal of Theory and Practice






Negotiating Peace and Confronting Corruption: Challenges for Post-Conflict Societies (US Institute of Peace Press, 2011)

Bertram I. Spector

Detecting Corruption in Developing Countries: Identifying Causes/Strategies for Action (Kumarian Press, 2012)

Bertram I. Spector

Fighting Corruption in Developing Countries: Strategies and Analysis (Kumarian Press, 2005)

Bertram I. Spector, editor

Getting It Done: Post-Agreement Negotiations and International Regimes (US Institute of Peace Press, 2003)

Bertram I. Spector and I. William Zartman, editors

Front Cover

Preventive Negotiation: Avoiding Conflict Escalation

I. William Zartman, editor

Approaches to Peacebuilding

Ho-Won Jeong, editor

Negotiating International Regimes: Lessons Learned from the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

Bertram I. Spector, Gunnar Sjöstedt and I. William Zartman, editors



International Negotiation: Actors, Structure/Process, Values

Peter Berton, Hiroshi Kimura, and I. William Zartman, editors

Conflict Management and African Politics: Ripeness, Bargaining and Mediation

Terrence Lyons and Gilbert Khadiagala, editors